Tetris Report: Tetris Tournament July 2007

Next Tournament: August 29th, 8pm at Forest Room Five. 303-941-4929 jeopardy7@hotmail.com www.forestroom5.com


It was another unpredictable addition of the Tetris Tournament: the experimental addition of 2-minute rounds, a battle of old friends in the championship match, and a record set in attendance (35 players!). Like passionate love-making, this Tetris Tournament went late into the night....

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Next Tournament: August 29th, 8pm at Forest Room Five. To play next month, call 303-941-4929 or email jeopardy7@hotmail.com. www.forestroom5.com

Joe (left) battles Paul G. (right) in a one-minute tie breaker.

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Paul G: 14.0 LPM

Vinnie: 13.8 LPM

Jesse Johnson: 13.4 LPM

Joe: 12.6 LPM

Jeffrey: 12.1 LPM


Melanie: 12.9 LPM

Vicky: 12.5 LPM

Leslie: 12.5 LPM

Sarah Wells: 11.7 LPM

Krissy!: 10.5 LPM





1st Place Champion - Paul G.

After a gut wrenching 0-2 performance in June, Paul G. made a huge comeback in July. It didn't come easy (Amy, Jeffrey, Joe twice, Vinnie twice and Jon Nelson is about the toughest road you can travel), and it took beating his boyhood chum in the finals to do it (40-37 over Vinnie), but Paul G. once again cemented is place in greatness with his 3rd ever Tetris Championship.

2nd Place - Vinnie

Like Paul G, Vinnie was trying to bounce back from a depressing showing in June (a 1-2 early exit). He made it to the final winner's bracket round against Paul G (a 27-26 loss), and then took out Joe (a 42-33 battle) to earn a rematch against the eventual champion. Vinnie was back, but he wasn't the best.

3rd Place - Joe

Joe continues to scratch at the heels of the Tetris greats - he placed 2nd in June's tourney, and then took out warriors like Vicky Hoehn, Rookie of the Month Kevin, Dan J. and Sarah W. before Vinnie knocked him out at the top of the loser's bracket. Joe's already proven he's good - now he needs to prove he's great.

4th Place - Sarah Wells

Sarah Wells once again showed why she's one of the best players in the league. She beat a determined Jesse Johnson in two close matches (one a 31-29 overtime thriller), and played all-in-all good Tetris until she met her match against Joe in an elimination game (a 29-26 loss).

5th Place - Jon Nelson

A former candidate for most-improved player, Jon Nelson now has morphed into one of the most consistently dangerous players in the game. He rolled through first time players Brian Hoyer, Suzaster and former ROM Mo Pancake, but couldn't handle the likes of Paul G and Joe.

6th Place - Jesse Johnson

Won "Biggest Nipples" after he spun around and knocked over the waiter from two feet away. Eats too much.

Rookie of the Month - Kevin

Like a white, peacefull Allen Iverson, Kevin arrived at his inaugural Tetris match only minutes after landing at the airport. And he came ready: former most-improved-player Heidi, Maggie and Brian Hoyer were not match for his assassin-like game play, and it took a remorseless Joe to finally take him down. But know this: Kevin has a future in Tetris.

Most Improved Player - Dan. J

For the last year, Dan J. has floated around the Tetris League in anonymity.... until now! Wins over Heidi, Dewey Decimator, Emily Awesome and a forfeited Mo Pancake cleared the road for his first appearance in the Final Eight.

Biggest Meltdown - Leslie

Of all players, last month's champion Leslie had the hardest time adjusting to the new 2-minute rounds. A sweaty, unkept Jesse Johnson knocked her out in the first round , and a poised Vicky Hoehn killed her in the loser's bracket. Leslie's a stand-up professional, but does she have the wherewithal to bounce back?

1. Paul G

It's decided: Paul G. is the best player in Tetris.


April: 42.8 May: 39.6 June: 39.5 July (2 min. rounds): 32.3

2. Vinnie

It's decided: Vinnie is the 2nd best player in Tetris.

April: 52.8 May: 36 June: 31.75 July (2 min. rounds): 31.86
3. Joe

Always a good bet to win it all, but has yet to do so.

April: 28.1 May: 40.5 June: 40.7 July (2 min. rounds): 29.36
4. Sarah Wells

Responded to a disappointing June with a vengeful July.

April: 30.5 May: 35.1 June: 36 July (2 min. rounds): 27.2
5. Leslie

Had a hick up this month, but still a top player.

April: 31.3 May: 34 June: 40.8 July (2 min. rounds): 31.3
6. Jon Nelson

As ESPN puts it, "Jon is the real deal. I'd almost call him a veteran."

May: 31 June: 22.8 July (2 min. rounds): 23.4
7. Vicky Hoehn

Always dedicated, always consistent, always a tough out. Voted BEST DRESSED!

April: 33 May: 39.5 June: 37 July (2 min. rounds): 28.4
8. Jesse Johnson

A real-life, less attractive version of Encino Man - he was spotted pooping in the urinal..... almost hourly.

April: 39 May: 39.1 June: 41.4 July (2 min. rounds): 27.5
9. Justin Bunker

Made a big splash in July, but still needs to prove he's championship material.

April: 26 May: 29.5 June: 39.6 July (2 min. rounds): 22.4
10. Dan J.

Hard work paid off in July for this fan favorite.

April: 32.75 July (2 min. rounds): 24.8
11. Kevin

Sponsors are begging July's ROM to return for August's tournament.

July (2 min. rounds): 19.4
12. Mo Pancake

Has been playing strong, and we're left wondering what would have happened if she hadn't forfeited late in the tourney?

April: 25.5 June: 32.75 July (2 min. rounds): 19.3


Had his best tourney yet, but it wasn't enough to get off the cusp. Won the July '07 Hawaii Invitational.


April: 24.5 May: 19 July (2 min. rounds): 18

Jessica R.

She made some noise this month, but as TIME Magazine puts it, "We want to see her turn it, burn it, and make a run at the championship."

May: 20.5 July (2 min. rounds): 19.4

A solid Rookie of the Month candidate - he gave an intriguing glimpse into a potential all-star player.

July (2 min. rounds):19.7
Uncle J.

Always a great player to watch. Leads the league in smiles.

April: 11 June: 9.5 July (2 min. rounds): 12.5
Eric Hicks

The General Douglas MacArthur of the Tetris Tournament. He shall return.


Did a stellar job of announcing, nay yelling, NAY BOMBASTING the score updates in the later rounds, but is she ready to take her place in the spotlight? Only Jenny knows.

May: 15.5 June: 20 July (2 min. rounds): 13
Leslie's Former Assistant Tim

MIA in July, but still one of the most underrated players in the league.

April: 22.75 June: 22
Emily Awesome

This runner-up for the ROM Award is passing on the Denver League to sign a contract to play for the world famous Hong Kong Tetris Association (HKTA). She will be missed.

July (2 min. rounds): 20.75

If there was a 13th spot in the power rankings, Jeffrey would be in it. Set the record for most lines in a two minute match with 43.

April: 30 May: 37.75 July (2 min. rounds): 29
Jon S.

Last month's ROM was MIA in July. Is indoor soccer really that important?

June: 21


This Tetris veteran was a no-show in July, but that doesn't mean she's off anyone's radar to win in all in August.

April: 34.75 May: 36 June: 24.5


June's Most Improved Player took a beating this month. Can she recover?

May: 21 June: 27 July (2 min. rounds): 18.6


This first time player scored a win in July, but will he back in August to make a run?

July (2 min. rounds): 19.5


Faced the toughest schedule of any of the rookies, and she held her own.

July (2 min. rounds): 18.75


This former powerhouse finds himself in the unfamiliar position of being left out of the power rankings. Average lines: April: 30.5 May: 35.1 June: 36

May: 24 June: 29.25 July (2 min. rounds): 16


A staunch rookie with a taste for the game, Matt was a runner up for BEST DRESSED.

July (2 min. rounds): 10.5


Took the month off to play overseas, but always a dangerous, dangerous, DANGEROUS player.

June: 38.75


Until she sat out July's tourney due to a nagging thumb injury, Melissa had played in every Tetris Tourney to date.

April: 18.6 May: 32 June: 29.25


A noble first time player with a heart of gold, Sam could develop the reputation of fan favorite.

July (2 min rounds): 20


She faced a tough first match against Jeffrey, and managed an early win against Sam (25-20).

July (2 min rounds): 23.7

Scotty P.

Lost early against rookie power house Tammy (17-6), and he never regained the momentum. And in Tetris, momentum is key.

July (2 min. rounds): 7


It took an act of congress to even convince her to play, and she held her own in matches against Sarah Wells and Jason.

July (2 min. rounds): 10.5


An exciting rookie with an appetite for victory, she beat Joseph out before eventually falling to the ever-determined Luke.

July (2 min. rounds): 21

Dewey Decimator

As ESPN's Marc Stein put it, "Dewey is the player you've never heard of..... until he beats you. And that's how he likes it."

July (2 min. rounds): 23.5


A student of the deadly ninjas Sarah Wells and Joe, Tammy proved she belonged in the league with a stellar debut.

July (2 min. rounds): 16.7


An exciting young player with a heart of gold and an eye for the game. Can he put it all together for a win in August?

July (2 min. rounds): 13

Sarah Polzin

The crowd gasped as this much hyped, first time player entered the arena. She held heard own against the giants of Tetris, and time on the practice court will only help.

July (2 min. rounds): 7

Brian H.

A playground legend in his neighborhood of NYC, Brian's east coast style of Tetris might lead to success in the cold Rocky Mountains.

July (2 min. rounds): 20

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